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Aravi Aromatics believes in the value of Nature. Our foundation co-exists over the natural & eco-friendly ingredients.  We explore the rich offerings from Mother Earth, a variety of herbs, grasses, roots, florals & woods; to create endless varieties & combinations of fragrances that match every mood.

The health of our environment is of paramount importance to us. All our product offerings are completely eco-friendly, with no artificial fragrances that defeat the purpose of producing purified and energizing space. They are prized to lift and boost your mood.


Our Natural Reed Diffusers, Mosquito Repellents, and Air Fresheners are made using Natural Essential Oils and water extracts, Non-toxic ingredients with absolutely no artificial ingredients to rejuvenate human bodies and our eco-system.

"It is our mission to make the environment and your home a beautiful, wonderful smelling place to live in"

June 13, 2017

Extracts are perfect for a wide range of applications throughout many different industries. Aravi Aromatics is committed to produce a wide range of Extracts, including several different types of essential aromatic oils in addition to those of many types of citrus fruits and botanical herbs such as rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, grapefruit, and more, in order to provide its customers with many different options when it comes to flavouring or scenting their products & environment around.

The process or producing quality Extracts at Aravi Aromatics begins with the aromatic crops, flowers, fruits, herbs, and other materials chosen to create these quality Extracts. Products are chosen within the appropriate season, and when they would be at their most flavorful stage. The extraction process itself has been developed in order to get the most out of the raw ingredient, meaning that each item contains as much of the natural product as possible.

The Extracts available from Aravi Aromatics are...

June 13, 2017


​Floral scents are ubiquitous in the fragrance industry, but that doesn’t mean every floral scent is the same, or can be used in the same way. In fact, the pervasiveness of these scents in the industry mean that they are one of the broadest categories when it comes to fragrance ingredients – and they have even begun to make their way into the flavors industry, especially with products such as rose & citrus. As such, it is important for a fragrance creation team to have a good understanding of floral scents and their many uses.

Certain floral scents are so popular that they could almost be considered a subcategory within the fragrance industry. Rose, the aforementioned jasmine, tuberose, and lily have been in use for many, many years, and an incredible number of variants have sprung up, each with its own traits and qualities, and each fitting most appropriate in a different sector of the industry.

When using Aravi Aromatics’ floral scents, it is importan...

June 13, 2017


There are many different reasons to choose natural flavors and fragrance ingredients for one’s product line. The current demand for natural products is higher than ever, with customers looking for both flavors and fragrances that more closely mimic those that they might find in nature. From the delicious taste of fresh fruits to the fragrant aroma of fresh flowers such as roses, jasmine, and even more earthy scents such as sandalwood, Aravi Aromatics offers natural flavor and fragrance ingredients to suit many needs, and many applications.

​Natural flavor and fragrance ingredients are extracted from their original botanical sources, and as a result are composed of the exact chemical compounds that give these plants their natural flavors and scents. Companies that use these ingredients in their product lines will harness the true power of these natural, raw materials in a form that can easily be purchased by consumers, and will provide them with a scent or flavor e...

May 18, 2017

Aravi Aromatics LLP Fragrances from Nature. 100% Natural & Eco-Friendly Perfumes, Fragrances, Air Fresheners, Diffusers. Natural Elements used for production and packaging.

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