Aravi LLP

"It is our mission to make you and your ambiance more energized and purified with wonderful fragrances and products"


Aravi Aromatics believes in the value of Nature. Our foundation co-exists over the natural & eco-friendly ingredients.  The health of our environment is of paramount importance to us. All our product offerings are without any harmful chemicals.


The purpose of providing our product is to make you and your ambiance more purified and energized. They are prized to lift and boost your mood & well-being in working and living environment.


At Aravi, we explore the rich offerings from Mother Earth and a variety of fragrances from flowers, woods, grasses, roots & herbs; to offer you endless varieties & combinations of fragrances that match every mood and need of our customers.


Our Natural Roll-ons, Reed Diffusers, Mosquito Repellents, Air Fresheners, and Floor Cleaners are made using Natural Essential Oils, Herbal waters, Floral waters, and Non-toxic ingredients without any harmful ingredients which help to rejuvenate you, your family, your pets, and our eco-system.


Rupali is passionate about: Keeping home clean, creating ambiance at home especially using essential oils, and creating healthy environments for family members. Her passion brought her across Aromatherapy.


Strong desire to use the 100% natural essential oils got her into the manufacturing of aromatherapy, air care, and cleaning products which wasn’t possible without the cultivation of aromatic crops and manufacturing of essential oils.

Rupali is an engineering graduate with 10+ years of IT experience.  Founder of Aravi Aromatics LLP. She is a great promoter of natural products. She enjoys meditation, travelling and singing.