Fragrance From Nature
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Aravi Aromatics believes in the value of Nature. Our foundation co-exists over the natural & eco-friendly ingredients.  We explore the rich offerings from Mother Earth, a variety of herbs, grasses, roots, florals & woods; to create endless varieties & combinations of fragrances that match every mood.

The health of our environment is of paramount importance to us. All our product offerings are completely eco-friendly, with no artificial fragrances that defeat the purpose of producing purified and energizing space. They are prized to lift and boost your mood.


Our Natural Reed Diffusers, Mosquito Repellents, and Air Fresheners are made using Natural Essential Oils and water extracts, Non-toxic ingredients with absolutely no artificial ingredients to rejuvenate human bodies and our eco-system.

"It is our mission to make the environment and your home a beautiful, wonderful smelling place to live in"