Extracts are perfect for a wide range of applications throughout many different industries. Aravi Aromatics is committed to produce a wide range of Extracts, including several different types of essential aromatic oils in addition to those of many types of citrus fruits and botanical herbs such as rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, grapefruit, and more, in order to provide its customers with many different options when it comes to flavouring or scenting their products & environment around.

The process or producing quality Extracts at Aravi Aromatics begins with the aromatic crops, flowers, fruits, herbs, and other materials chosen to create these quality Extracts. Products are chosen within the appropriate season, and when they would be at their most flavorful stage. The extraction process itself has been developed in order to get the most out of the raw ingredient, meaning that each item contains as much of the natural product as possible.

The Extracts available from Aravi Aromatics are created with the optimal ratios of extract to solvent, with special care taken to ensure that a wide range of Extracts are available, especially when it comes to our more popular products.


At Aravi Aromatics LLP. we understand that different customers have different needs, whether they are demanding flavoured fresheners such as air diffusers & aroma oils or they have the need for other production lines.

It is especially important for companies to have the correct flavor ratios when they choose extracts to provide flavor to their products, as slight fluctuations can lead to big changes in the product itself. Choosing a quality extract means that fewer batches will come off the line with unexpected variations, and that more products will make it past the vital quality check stage. This leads to higher production line efficiency and, ultimately, big savings for companies.


While Extracts are vital for companies that are looking to produce high quality flavors, they are also important ingredients for a wide range of fragrance applications. Whether a product is meant to refresh a living space or travel time, it is important to use the best ingredients possible. Quality Extracts can significantly enhance the performance of a fragrance, from its longevity once applied to the scent itself.

Aravi Aromatics LLP. offers everything from soothing floral scents to refreshing fragrances such as citrus fruits & earthy sandalwood. Each of these Extracts is crafted with the same care as the other Extracts offered by Aravi, and can help ensure that a company’s product line is of the high quality that their customers desire and demand.


Whether a company is on the search for something simple, like a quality Jasmine extract, or something a little more complex, such a henna, ylang ylang, or rosemary, Aravi Aromatics can offer it in the quantities needed in form of retail products or for efficient production. Connect with Aravi Aromatics LLP. for more information on great Extracts and begin using the range of fragrances retailed in form of aerosols, diffusers, essential oils & wholesale supply of only the best ingredients in the creation of your products.