About Natural Fragrances


There are many different reasons to choose natural flavors and fragrance ingredients for one’s product line. The current demand for natural products is higher than ever, with customers looking for both flavors and fragrances that more closely mimic those that they might find in nature. From the delicious taste of fresh fruits to the fragrant aroma of fresh flowers such as roses, jasmine, and even more earthy scents such as sandalwood, Aravi Aromatics offers natural flavor and fragrance ingredients to suit many needs, and many applications.

​Natural flavor and fragrance ingredients are extracted from their original botanical sources, and as a result are composed of the exact chemical compounds that give these plants their natural flavors and scents. Companies that use these ingredients in their product lines will harness the true power of these natural, raw materials in a form that can easily be purchased by consumers, and will provide them with a scent or flavor experience that brings them closer to nature than ever before.

​The applications in which natural flavor and fragrance ingredients can be used are seemingly endless. From the flavor and fragrance industry itself, which mixes custom scents and flavors for a wide range of companies, to fragrance and cosmetics companies, beverages companies, rum and liquor distilleries, and more, there are many different industries that can find an incredible solution for their needs from the natural flavor and fragrance ingredients product line offered by Aravi Aromatics LLP.


Natural flavor ingredients are especially important for those companies that are focusing on healthy, natural foods for their product line. From beverages companies that produce healthy, natural products to large-scale bakeries that want only the freshest and best tasting ingredients for their customers, the appeal for natural flavor ingredients is immense!

A wide range of natural flavor ingredients are offered by Aravi Aromatics, and more products are being added to its already extensive catalogue as they are researched, developed, and produced by Aravi’s team of dedicated extraction professionals and chemists.


​Natural fragrance ingredients may not seem as important as natural flavors. However, they can be vital to a scent’s success on the market. Customers searching for authentic fragrances that are as true-to-life as possible will love the ingredients offered by Aravi, which are all naturally derived from aroma crops, herbs, scented wood and botanical sources. In addition to more straightforward aromas capturing the essence of fragrances such as mystique vibe, ocean blue, and lavender, the natural fragrance ingredients offered by Aravi Aromatics include a wide range of ingredients which can be used in the production of custom aromas—something that is incredibly important to fragrance companies, cosmetics companies, and the like as they search for unique scents unlike anything else on the market.

There are many possibilities when it comes to the application of the natural flavor and fragrance ingredients offered by Aravi, and businesses that choose these ingredients will find that they are only limited by their imagination in what they can produce.