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  • Aravi Fragrance From Nature Jasmine, Sandal, Black Oudh & Citrus Air freshener is made from 100% natural sources & is free from toxic & irritant ingredients.
  • Aravi Air freshner has sweet and exquisite scent which uplifts your mood and helps to relieve stress and anxiety; it also helps fight infection from airborne bacteria
  • Aravi Air Freshener contains exotic, rich floral fragrance which helps you sleep better and acts as a remedy for fatigue; thus, leaving you feeling rejuvenated – Right from an innocent infant to an elderly.
  • Aravi Air freshener is made by extracting the oils from the plants and flowers of our own fields which are grown under personal supervision and care.
  • Aravi Air freshener is purely water based and does not contain any harmful chemicals or gases.


  • Fragrances                                                                                                               Jasmine | Sandal | Citrus | Black Oudh  | Rose |


  • Useful for  House / Office / Hotels
  • Quantity 100ml

Rose Air Freshener


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