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  • Aravi Fragrance from Nature Jasmine & Mystique Vibe Reed Diffuser acts as a Natural Air Purifier, it is made from 100% natural sources and is safe for kids and elderly also, gradually improving their immune system by creating a healthy environment to breathe by air purification.
  • Aravi Fragrance from Nature Reed Diffuser is made from essential oils which are produced by using handpicked plants and flowers, grown under personal supervision on our own Fields.
  • Aravi Fragrance from Nature Reed Diffuser, contains exotic and rich fragrances that cover every corner of your house and uplift the mood of you and your loved ones creating a pleasant and healthy environment
  • Aravi Fragrance from Nature Reed Diffuser can be used in any setting making it a perfect addition to your House, Office, Spa or any other Workspace. Just open the bottle with essential oil, then dip the reed sticks in the oil and set in a place of your choice.
  • Aravi Fragrance from Nature Reed Diffuser envelopes your house with a pleasant and welcoming aroma that helps you unfurl after a hectic day. It naturally purifies the air around you deliberately strengthening your immune system.


  • Fragrances                                                                                                          Ocean Blue | Lemongrass | Mystique Vibes  |  Jasmine
  • Quantity 100 ml

Reed Diffuser - Jasmine

₹770.00 Regular Price
₹600.00Sale Price

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