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  • Aravi Mystique Vibe Car Perfume is 100% Alchohol Free and made from natural sources, free from any toxic and irritant ingredients.
  • Aravi  Car Air Freshener is a Long-Lasting car perfume that lasts up to 60 days, providing consistent fragrance throughout its lifetime.
  • Aravi Car Air Diffuser comes with a durable hanging chord, that gives sturdy performance even on bumpy roads. Simply open the seal, place the top cover and invert the bottle for 2 minutes, that’s it and you are ready to go.
  • AraviHanging Car Perfumes and Fragrances are made from Fragrance Oil and that contains exotic and rich fragrances which will create a calm and soothing environment in your car keeping traveling fatigue at bay during those traffic-heavy commutes, its unique hanging feature will spice up your travel.


     In Short Aravi’s  Aravi car perfumes and fresheners either hang or keep on the dashboard or keep into the cup holder of the car. Aravi Car fragrance is for every car. Natural Car Perfumes that are made from essential oils. Aravi Car Air Fresheners are Strong fragrances that last up to 60 days. Aravi Air Freshener for car is a premium one. Refreshing of air with the powerful scent of rich blends with premium fragrances to deliver calming experience inside your car, home, or office.


  • Fragrances

     Ocean Blue | Lavender | Lemon Grass | Jasmin | Sandalwood

Aravi Hanging Car Perfume-Mystique Vibe


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