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Get the best ceramic oil diffusers from the house of Aravi. It is a must-go way to decorate your home space and keep it ready to welcome guests by creating a great ambiance.
The ceramic diffusers are best to make your space fragrant but also look amazing too!
They would make a modern addition to home corners, window sills, and act as a wonderful centerpiece to tables.
Fill your home or office with rich and exotic fragrances for a relaxing atmosphere.
A therapeutic wonder of Aravi Lemongrass Essential Oil which calms and relaxes you from within.


  • Use as an air freshener diffuser and also a great piece for decor. Aravi Lemongrass Essential oil has Calming effect that reduces anxiety and stress.
  • High gloss finish, Made of Ceramic, Designed to allow easy refilling of oil and easy cleaning
  • Portable burner with one 10ml Aravi Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • Ready to Use plugin Refreshes your mind and body Best for Hotels, Houses, Restaurants, Spa, Living Rooms
  • Good Quality Ceramic Aroma Burner
  • fragrance: lemongrass essential oil

Aravi Aromatics - Electric Diffuser


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