Natural Fragrance for Home & Office


100% Natural Ingredients: Aravi air fresheners  are made from 100% natural sources & is free from toxic & irritant ingredients. It is purely water based and does not contain any harmful chemicals or gases

Uplift you mood: It has sweet and exquisite scent which uplifts your mood and helps to relieve stress and anxiety; it also helps fight infection from airborne bacteria.


Safe for everyone: It contains exotic, rich floral fragrance which helps you sleep better and acts as a remedy for fatigue; thus, leaving you feeling rejuvenated – Right from an innocent infant to an elderly.

Natural fragrance, Smooth & soft tone, soothing ambiance, serenity & clearer thought process.

Tenacious & depth of Natural fragrance helps to harmonize the ​emotional & mental state of mind

Warm, fruity & refreshing Natural fragrance acts as an antidote for stress & anxiety. Citrus helps to reduce unpleasant odors indoors creating a refreshing ambiance.

Tenacious & depth of Natural fragrance

helps to harmonize the emotional & mental state of mind

Floral as well as sensual natural fragrance elevates affection & spiritual senses, creates rich ambience.

Our Rosewater collection starts with a distillation of the legendary

'hundred petals of a rose.


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